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About Color by Nature Lustrous Henna

Since the start of the civilization we have always cherished beauty. Once upon a time when modern day chemical concoctions were not available, henna was the most admired herb for beautifying hair and skin. The choice of color was limited.

Walk down almost any street these days, chances are you will see hair, like you have never seen before. In fact, you may find yourself asking, “How did all these hairdo hues develop?"

"With some hairy chemicals, that's how!" The chemical hair coloring industry does not want you to know about the toxins the conventional hair dyes contain. See: Better Be Safe

Color by Nature Lustrous Henna® hair dye is nontoxic, contains no chemicals such as Para-phenylenediamine (PPD). It is PPD-free! Color by nature Lustrous Henna® also does not contain ammonia, peroxide, or other synthetic dyes... See: Ingredientsof Lustrous Henna

Color by Nature Lustrous Henna® is 100% natural, vegetable,herbal hair dye.

Lustrous Henna® is truly admired, and benefits all users, male or female.

Select Your Color & General Process of Application (INSTRUCTIONS: How-To-Apply Lustrous Henna®)

Benefits of Lustrous Henna

  • Both for men and women
  • PPD free, No Ammonia, No Peroxide.
  • Blocks UV so your hair doesn't become sun damaged
  • Strengthens your hair so it won't get split ends
  • Makes your hair glossy and shiny
  • Will give you most natural look.
  • Adheres to the hair beautifully
  • Looks more like your natural color
  • Since color fade gradually, do not create ugly white/gray lines with growth
  • Conditions and protects your hair, instead of stripping your hair from the natural protein it needs to stay healthy and grow.
  • Does not penetrate in the hair shaft to cause them to dry and become lifeless and brittle.
  • Covers any other color as it coats the hair.
  • Lustrous Henna colors contain herbs that have therapeutic values, will heal not hurt, as opposed to chemical-based dyes that have known to cause cancer and severe damage to vital organs as they penetrate the skin.
  • Lustrous Henna contains herbs that are known to prevent hair loss, herbs that are known for anti-dandruff properties and to improve overall health of your hair
  • Beautifying qualities of henna have been established and admired for thousands of years. Famous beauties as Cleopatra and Nefertiti have beautified their skin and hair with henna.
  • Allergic reaction to pure henna is extremely rare.

Lustrous Henna® should not be compared with other chemical Dyes in effects as they totally differ in the mechanism of dying. Chemical Dyes first damage the outer layer then fills the cavity and stays in the hair shaft, dyes like these are called permanent dyes.Lustrous Henna® coats hair shaft and stays on the hair shaft, as a Semi-Permanent Natural Dye, which strengthens the hair.

Lustrous Henna® Vs Plain Henna

Lustrous Henna® is the first product of its kind. It's surely much Superior to Regular/Plain Henna in many ways

Here we show how Lustrous Henna® differs from Regular/plain Henna.

Regular/Plain Henna

Lustrous Henna®

This gives only one color

Lustrous Henna® is formulated with other natural extracts to create many colors like; soft black, dark brown, mahogany and more.

It colors and conditions the hair.

Lustrous Henna® is formulated with combination of many pure herbs, recognized by Ayurveda for their medicinal properties, it not only color and conditions hair, but gives nourishment and strength to hair and scalp. It also make hair soft and silky.

You need to add extra additives to plain henna to get right kind of results.

This is a totally balanced formula and you do not need to add anything.

Need minimum 3-4 hours or overnight soaking to release dye,
before you apply on hair.

No need to soak long, just mix make a good paste and apply.

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