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MD Recommended

Dear Syed,

I, Dr.Bhagwan Bang, a pediatrician who had extensive allergic reaction with color dye. While reading about allergic reaction to chemical in Annual of Pediatrics, published by North Western College of medicine Chicago, I came to know about your product and is extremely pleased to say that it was wonderful. I never had reaction with LUSTROUS HENNA of yours. I have no hesitation in recommending to anybody.


(see attachment)

Bhagwan Das Bang, MD.
Recipient of AAP Hero Award 2009

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“This is the best Henna product that I have ever used. I used a different one for years from Sally's then found this one. It covers the gray very well. I am 53 and get a lot of compliments on my hair.”

Susan B. (Lustrous Henna Dark Brown Review on Amazon)

Hello Syed,

I told you I would send you pictures of before and after. I hope these will help. Let me know if there's anything else that would help. Thank you again for all your kind help.


“I used this a long time ago. I always got so many compliments. Then, I wanted to go blonde, so I stopped using Henna. My hair, lost all of its natural curl with the repeated bleaching. Also, it looked thin and lifeless. Then, I had a terrible, near-fatal stroke at the age of 36. Due to the following brain surgery, my head was shaved. When it started to grow back in, I was amazed at how gray I was. I have three young kids and do not want to look like their grandma. I wanted to color the gray away but without chemicals, so I went back to the Henna. My hair is below my chin now. It looks so healthy and full of body. Also, it covers all the gray completely. I couldn't be happier with this product. It is like a miracle product: not only does it color hair, but it leaves it in much better condition than without using it.”

Homeschool Mom  (Lustrous Henna Dark Brown Review on Amazon)

Dear Syed,

I am thrilled with your Lustrous Henna!! I have been using hair dye with ppd for over 20 years to cover my grey and have been very worried about exposing myself to the toxins, but not willing to go grey. I am grey around my bangs and temples only. After some experimentation I have gotten fabulous results.

The first time I used dark brown Lustrous Henna on my entire head, it was a gorgeous color and gave my baby fine hair great shine and texture. I did however have to repeat the application of the dark brown Lustrous Henna on my grey hair a few days later, as it was a little too red, and with the 2nd application my grey is a beautiful dark brown. Now I only touch up my grey roots once per month with the dark brown henna and apply it another time to get my Grays to dark brown, which I am happy to do to stay away from the chemicals.

I also want to thank you for your great care, advice, and generous time when I called to ask questions, the high quality of your customer service is rare. I am one happy customer, wishing you the best life can offer.

Sincerely, Jacqui

Huntington St, NY

Twyla Ring

I'm a 54 yrs. old"natural" brunette and LOVE Lustrous Henna and their wonderful customer service with Syed.

A few months ago I was diagnosed with Lymphoma at Mayo Clinic with follow up 3 mos. visits to a Hematologist, blood specialist there. I then began to think about changing some of my lifestyle habits and a NATURAL Hair Color was an easy one to change. I am not on chemo since my Dr. says my own immune system is trying to fight this cancer. Chemo kills the good & the bad, therefore I'm thankful I do still have my hair at this time.

My friend introduced me to Lustrous Henna when I complemented her hair. I didn't even know she used any type of color on it, because it looked so natural. She ordered my first time with her order,to try it out. So I have twice now, due to shorter hair.So glad I heard about this henna from her!

I am thankful for the Lustrous Henna's shorter process time compared to others that require an extremely longer process and it leaves my hair in much, much better condition than when I did salon color.

My single priority, due to my health issue,is that it's safe, plus it looks and feels so natural and healthy. I can't say enough good about it.

It was my pleasure to visit with Syed a few days ago about Lustrous Henna.His patience and very informative manner is so helpful and refreshing.He is an asset to Lustrous Henna products. He helped me a great deal with tips on how to tone the gray as it grows in from my root line.

I sincerely thank you, Syed and Lustrous Henna for the difference you have made in my life.

I'll be ordering again soon.

Warmest Regards,
Twyla R.

Greene IA

“I found my first grey hair at 18 years old. And by age 22 my hair was liberally sprinkled with grey and that is when I first started using Henna.

I first used pure unprocessed Henna from my favorite online herb store. It has always worked great to hide my greys. I would use it every few months and leave it on for a few hours. So though I loved how healthy it kept my hair, I did not love the time I spent applying it and eventually turned to chemical rinses to color my hair. The chemicals made my hair fall out, break, split and lifeless. My hair looked dry and generally quite unhappy.

By this time I was 30 years old and even though I am quite a spring chicken inside yet, my outside was starting to look a little frayed around the edges. Dry brittle hair and about %15 grey throughout. Plain regular Henna was no longer covering my grey hair at all. I sadly decided I must choose to either have healthy grey hair or brittle lifeless brown hair.

Finally one day I had enough, I started searching for another option and that is when I found the lustrous Henna. I was very intrigued to see that Lustrous Henna covers more grey then regular Henna, in a lot less time. I sent for some right away.

As soon as it came I mixed it exactly as the directions said. I put the (included) shower cap on and took it easy for about an hour, I did everything exactly as the directions said. When I stepped out of the shower, I felt quite nervous and fearful that it did not do what it promised, but when I took the towel off, I could hardly believe my eyes. Gorgeous rich brown color with not a single hair of grey showing.

It is now weeks later, my hair feels thick, strong and healthy. My color is holding, it’s a rich dark mahogany brown. I get compliments on my hair. My hair shimmers and shines. It has high lights, low lights and every light imaginable. I could not possibly love this product more.”

Mrs. Priss (Lustrous Henna Dark Brown Review on Amazon)

“I have been looking for this color for years. It covers gray hair with a beautiful brown-reddish color. It looks very natural! It spreads easily and has a nice smell compared to other hennas. I am so glad I finally found it!”

Luisa (Lustrous Henna Mahogany Review on Amazon)


I can't say that enough. I have spent the last 10 years wishing there was a product that could do what yours has just done for me. After giving birth to my first child my body chemistry changed and I began many years of severe allergic reactions to over the counter hair dyes, Yet I continued to use them any which way I could. I won't even tell you some of the things I'd attempted to not be gray. I began getting gray in my early twenties and was horrified when I first learned I could not use the over the counter products any longer. I had given in to the fact I would have to grow old gracefully, at least my hair would. But now, WOW, I just tried your product tonight and I can't even begin to tell you how happy I am!!!! I will need another application but I am so pleased with what I am seeing now I have no doubt it can only get better from here.

I look 10 years younger, my 40's look is now my new 30's look. I am so pleased with your product I have just ordered 5 more! and will continue to order monthly. I never want to run out of your magic. I will spread the word. As soon as my family and friends see me they will want to order asap.Hmmmmm, Maybe I won’t tell them right away, they ribbed me for years about the gray, just kidding they'll be buying real soon too I'm sure.

Much Appreciation
Cathy in North Port, FL

"Love your product! I am 85% grey and ordered the Henna Soft Black along with the Indigo. I used three parts of Henna Soft Black and one part of Indigo. I love the results. I got a very dark brown to black color hair which was exactly what I was looking for.

I used chemical dyes two or three times and developed severe reactions to the chemicals used in those products. With the Henna Soft Black and Indigo I just get great looking hair with no reactions. Would recommend to anyone looking for natural products".

Mr.Sam K.

Laredo, TX

Maria Pappas


"Nothing is as good as Lustrous Henna hair color anywhere in the U.S. and Europe. I have used Robert Lucas at Elizabeth Adam Day Spa at Water Tower, Chicago to find the correct formula combination, which is a mahogany and soft black."

Maria Pappas
Cook County Treasurer

Chicago, IL

Dear Syed,

Last week during a phone conversation, you helped me choose the proper color of "Lustrous Henna". I received it in a very timely manner and applied it last night. This was the first time I attempted to color my hair myself and was very nervous:)...however, I am very happy to say that I'm THRILLED with the results!!! While I was about 40% gray, I got great coverage and am confident that another application next week will take care of the few remaining gray hairs:) The color is so natural looking, and the highlights that run throughout my hair are very pretty.

Thank you so much for your help and kindness when we spoke, it was very much appreciated. I know I'll be a customer of "Lustrous Henna" for many years to come, and will definitely spread the word to friends and family members!



5.0 out of 5 stars Great Henna!, October 15, 2010

By Luisa

This review is for: Lustrous Henna Mahogany - 100 Grams (Misc.)

I have been looking for this color for years. It covers gray hair with a beautiful brown-reddish color. It looks very natural! It spreads easily and has a nice smell compared to other hennas. I am so glad I finally found it!

Saba Botanical, Hi Syed, I just wanted to give my input on your wonderful hair products. Not only have you given me the best service, but I have had many satisfied customers who suffer from side effects of chemical hair dyes. There is a great variety of colors to choose from and no worries of side effects or dry damaged hair. Many of my customers (men & women)including my mom have said their hair has strengthened and shines beautifully.

Thank you Syed for providing me with the best service and results for my clients.

Yours in health,

Rita :)

BC Canada

I am writing to congratulate you on a superb natural product that I will continue to use on my hair forever!!

I had a horrible encounter with an over-the-counter hair dye that contained PPD. I had an emergency room visit and the fear of never being able to cover my grey. I have jet black hair and it really bothered me to not be able to have the choice of bringing back its natural color state. I then found your website and decided to try your Lustrous Henna. Believe me- at first I was extremely scared, thinking that it would cause another horrific health event- But I did the patch test and all went well, so I applied the paste and I can't believe the results!!!!!!!!! Not only am I NOT IN FEAR OF USING YOUR PRODUCT- but my hair looks absolutely amazing!!

I can't thank you enough for creating this fantastic organic product for those of us that can't tolerate and choose not to use the toxic chemically overloaded hair dyes. I will be a customer for life and intend to spread the word!! A thousand thank you's!!!!!!!

Warmest Wishes,
Ally S.

Hi Syed,

This testimonial is long overdue because it took just over four months that Lustrous Henna has produced such positive results. I started using in Dec. 2006.

Before I started using your Lustrous Henna, I was kind of skeptical about your product because I was using different natural Henna since I have not found another natural product in the market before you. After speaking with you about Lustrous Henna, I have decided to try it and I MUST tell you that I really like it. It really does the job of giving a lustrous color to my hair.

My hair also feels softer. I love the smell it gives my hair. Let me tell you even my husband love the smell it adds to my hair…that’s a bonus!!! Lustrous Henna is good and I would recommend it to anyone who is interested to color their hair for a lustrous look.

All the very best,
Peng, August, 2007, from Venice, California

After buying thousands, and I mean literally thousands of products for my extremely dry, dull, kinky, fine hair that did not work, I reluctantly tried your product because I saw a testimonial on your website from a patron who sounded like she had hair somewhat like mine. I have tried cellophane, which worked pretty good, but the problem with that was it lasted no time at all. It seemed to all come out in the first washing. So, I figured another $6.00 couldn't hurt. I have even purchased other Henna products and threw then in the trash without even trying then on my hair because the texture was like thick garbage and mud I when mixed.

WOW! What a difference. I mean as soon I took it off there was rich color and shine and that was only after one application. My hair hasn't looked like this since I moved away from Chicago 20 years ago. The water in LA is much harder and combined with the constant sun, my hair was just a dry brittle mess, really. Other products just seem to sit on top of my hair, yours actually stained, coated and moisturized my hair. The texture of my hair feels different, it is stronger and has body. I can't imagine what it will be like after 3 or 4 applications if it looks like this after one. I certainly will continue to use your product to see. Oh, and it covered the gray wonderfully. Of course the grey came out lighter that the rest of my darker hair but it just made it look as if I had spent a fortune to have highlights done. I only wish you could have done a before and after picture of my hair, you would sell millions. If this can make my hair look like it belongs on a human beings head again rather that a scare crow, it will work on anyones hair.

Diane C.
North Hollywood, CA

I tried your Lustrous Henna Black and the sample of your Imbue
shampoo. I'm so pleased with the results of the Lustrous Black and
your shampoo is very gentle to the hair. I will be placing an order
over your website in the next week or 2 but wanted to send my feedback
as I'd like you to keep me posted with any promotional events and any
information you have.

I read your story about the commercial hair dyes & can certainly relate
as I've had similar experiences.I like the way you have changed your
website as it is very informative and much more user friendly.

Thank you,
(Davison, MI)

Dear Syed,

I Love Lustrous Henna
I've been meaning to write to you about your excellent product. I used Lustrous Henna this weekend and it was by far the best experience and result I've had from a henna-based product. The creamy formula was easy to apply and rinse out (unlike so many other henna products I've tried), and the color is vibrant. I achieved much better coverage of my grays than with any other product and I intend to keep on using it. Also, I'm going to bring your pamphlet to a local health food store and praise Lustrous Henna to the max! Thanks so much for a great product, Syed.

I found that with my hair I needed about 3/4 of a package for one application, and will use the remainder for touch-ups.

I hope this finds you well --- it was so pleasant chatting with you.

All the best,
Doretta W.
(Portland, CT)

Comments: Your henna is the best I have ever used in 10 years of searching for a natural hair coloring product. Your henna is very clean of debris, leaves and sand, because it is so finely sifted. It colors my resistant gray hairs very well. I love how smooth like pudding your henna becomes once it is mixed with water. (Other henna products that I have used in the past became like dried mud when I applied it to my hair and they are very messy!)

I also love how fast I can use your henna after I mix it with water, and I don't have to leave it on my hair for 4 hours for it to color my gray. After only 60 minutes my gray is colored!

Also my curly, kinky hair is becoming SOFTER AND SMOOTHER!!! I can straighten my hair to a silky like texture that I never achieved before, without a chemical relaxer. Now I don't have to use harmful chemical relaxers, or harmful hair dyes!

Your company also ships the henna when you say you will, in a timely manner, and I receive my products very promptly. I always had to call in the past and complain to other henna companies about where my order was.

Keep up the excellent products, and the excellent work and THANKS A MILLION!!!

Wanda G. From: Glendale Arizona

Dear Syed,

I received your product the day before Christmas and decided to wait until the day after to apply it. I just want to tell you how pleased I was with it only an hour after the application process was complete. Much of the gray has changed color, (and with no red tone) however, I have decided to apply a second coat tomorrow. I have one patchy area of gray that I feel could use the second coat. It is truly amazing to get these results with this natural product and I am so pleased to have talked extensively with you over the phone. The shampoo left my hair clean, full and shiny. I was rather nervous when I applied it after the hair colorant was complete and directions then told me to wash my hair. I noticed the water was light green. I was concerned there was an interaction with the shampoo and hair dye. It does not appear as though there is but I just wanted to ask you if this is possible at all or not? Or was the water just light green due to rinsing hair colorant from hair with shampoo? I would like to purchase 1 shampoo, 1 conditioner and two more bags of dark brown hair colorant. Best wishes to you this New Year. Keep caring about the need to use non-toxic products.

Brynn O. (New Hampshire)


Thanks so much for sending me the second pack of soft black henna. I tried a patch of hair with it and it did work much better than the first batch that I received. The black color had a tint of blue in it and I was concerned that it would color my hair blue instead of darkening my existing red. So I tried the dark brown that I had previously used again. This time I applied it to damp hair, covered my head with a plastic cap and applied heat. The color difference was incredible! My dark hair got darker but my white covered with a much darker, richer red color. I am thrilled with the results and will continue to experiment with the color to get the red a bit more brown.

My hair feels so soft and truly looks wonderful! I was wondering how long the color lasts? I can't thank you enough for your patience with me. I was getting discouraged and beginning to give up. I have searched for about 8 years for a natural product that works and didn't think one existed. You have no idea how excited I am to have found your product.

Thanks so very much!

Sincerely, Cindy A.
Westerly, Rhode Island

Hi Syed,

I just want to drop you a line to let you know that I have received only excellent and positive feedback from customers concerning the use of the Lustrous Herbal/Henna powders for their hair. As we discussed, I obtained very good results when I tested the various colors. However, the true test is customer satisfaction level. I am pleased to say that my customers are extremely satisfied with the coloring capacity of the herbal/henna powders and the conditioning they obtain as well.

I am always looking for a better product to offer to my customers. So when testing samples of Lustrous Herbal/Henna Powder provided results superior to those obtained with my previous brand of herbal/henna powder, we have switched the brand we offer our customers from our former brand to Lustrous.

Thank you for providing such a reliable and excellent product that will allow men and women to color and condition their hair safely and naturally. While all of the Lustrous colors provide great color coverage, it is the browns and blacks that tend to absolutely outperform the competition in terms of providing true browns and realistic blacks. This is welcome news to people with dark hair who have wanted to use henna products but kept getting red results rather than true browns and black. These are a keeper.

Kindest Regards,
Maureen J.

Business Owner

Dear Syed~

I am writing this note to let you know that your Henna product worked extremely well on my hair. I am about 60% + silver and was a dark brunette. I tried other henna products, especially for gray hair, but nothing worked. I almost gave up. I refused to use chemical dyes on my hair, because they are not good for your health. Pregnant women are warned not to dye their hair. What a surprise! Anyway, I did more research hoping to find another natural product that would dye my hair without chemicals. I finally found your Henna product and tried it. I was so happy to find that it made my hair dark brown with some of my silver turning a very dark copper when in the sun. The other products couldn't deal with my silver hair the same way. A lot of the hair barely took on a strawberry blonde shade. I needed to have my natural color back.

The henna has lasted 26 days so far without much color fade. I wash my hair every other day, so I would think I would have less fading, but it is wonderful to say the least. Just from experience sake, you must rinse your hair well the first time. I found that I didn't do that well enough so the second and third washing has some residual color in the water, but it wasn't extreme. After that I had no residual color in the water when I rinsed my hair. Also, keep an old towel handy for henna drip during the application and while it is on your head, or it will drip down your neck and back.

Again, I couldn't be happier with this henna product. It is worth my effort. It is worth my health.

Stephanie S.
Los Angeles, California

Hi Syed,

I would be happy to write something about my experiences with Lustrous Henna. As you know, when I first ordered from you I indicated that I had never used henna before. I have always used chemical hair dyes. So to say the least using henna was quite challenging. I'm still trying to fine tune my results. However, Lustrous Henna has to be one of the easiest hennas to use. After researching other Hennas I have no doubts that your product is way better than other Hennas out there. There's virtually no soaking compared to regular henna dyes. When I want to do my hair I don't have to soak my henna overnight like other henna products.

When I used chemical hair dyes I would mix the dyes. I thought since I wanted a brown-red hair color that maybe I could also mix different henna colors together to achieve this. From my research I also discovered that many people mix different things in their henna to give them different shades. I learned that by using coffee, or walnut powder you could change the shade you would get from the henna. This seemed a bit extraneous to me. I thought it would be so much easier if I could just mix the different hennas together. So that's what I have been doing and I would say getting good results. The only problem I‘m having is the root area. My hair is pretty much gray so it takes a couple of applications to get the roots to blend with the rest of my hair. Other than that I'm happy with the color results, also the added benefit is the shine you get by using henna, people are always commenting on that, as well as the color.

Take care ...............Patty from Denver

Thank You. Thank You. THANK YOU! I am 39 and 40% grey. For years I've been killing my hair with chemical dyes that left it lifeless, dry, brassy, and recently I've come to realize, thinner. Determined to abandon chemical dyes forever, I've poured everything in my hair from sage to coffee to prune juice. Nothing has done the trick, until tonight when I used your natural Henna. It's beautiful. Gorgeous. It's my hair as it used to be. THANK YOU.

Tricia W.

Garden City, NY

Krista B.Hi, my name is Krista and I just wanted to share my experience with using Lustrous Henna.

 I have naturally curly fine hair that is now 40%gray. I had been dying my hair with the traditional dyes for years. Last year my hair was severely damaged by having a professional put a color remover on my hair to remove old, too dark dye.After the application, my hair was what they call "bubble gum" hair in the industry. It was like rubber when wet and snapped off when it was dry.I was told that there was no cure for this and I would just have to cut it all off and that I couldn't use any chemicals on it.

I was searching the internet for a protein treatment that would strengthen my hair. When I read about the conditioning properties of henna and it colored the gray without chemicals, I placed an order that day. My before and after picture speak for themselves but let me just tell you more.After using the Lustrous Henna just one time, my hair was softer and shinier than before it was damaged.It took about 2 months and 2 more applications of the Lustrous Henna and not blow drying my hair, the breakage stopped. Iwork in a spa and the hairstylists that told me I would have to cut it off couldn't believe the recovery my hair made.

Here are some other benefits I have noticed since using your product. My hair started sprouting new growth all over my scalp! My hair is twice as thick(the hair bands I use prove it) as before. My hairis naturally curly and it is much easier to blow dry straight now.I had used red dyes before, but they never looked like a natural red, it faded fast and every hair was the same color, not to mention I was putting awful chemicals on my head!

I just love the multi-tonal highlights that the Lustrous Henna gives my hair. The streaks in my hair in the picture are not bleached highlights, that is my natural color showing through. I use the Lustrous Henna Red on the roots of my hair and the natural henna on the rest of my hair to give it depth and to look naturally sun bleached like a child's hair. I would also like to mention that I have gotten wonderful customer service from Saba Botanical. I have spoken to Syed on the phone for advice on colors and application and he is a wonderful, knowlegeable person. My orders have arrived in the mail the same week I ordered them.

Thank You for saving my hair with your wonderful product. I will be a loyal customer for years to come.

Krista B. from Missouri, U.S.A.

Krista B. Lustrous Henna Style by Saba Botanical

I guess what I should have said. My hair is still very naturally curly, always has been, but I blow dry it straight and use a chi straightening iron.Using the henna has made it much easier to blow dry straight. I wear it both curly and straight or curl it in big loose wings with a curling iron. That's one of the points I was trying to convey to customers with naturally curly hair in that the henna makes it a lot easier to straighten it.


Gia al Qamar, Belly Dancer & Lustrous Henna User

As an performer, it is essential that my hair always looks it best.

As a woman, it is even more important that my hair stays healthy and beautiful.

I recently developed an allergy to 'traditional' chemical hair dyes and read that fellow Middle Eastern (Belly) Dancers followed in the footsteps of Cleopatra and treated their hair with henna.

And so I did.

And I was amazed!

Not only did the beautiful henna from Saba Botanical give me the color promised, it also brought my chemically treated, dried, lifeless hair back to health! No longer stiff and lifeless, my silky hair now shimmers in the light with low and high lights beaming through the rich color.

Thank you SO much for a wonderful product that makes me healthier and my hair more beautiful!

Gia al Qamar -- NJ Belly Dancer and Middle Eastern Dance Instructor


Dear Saba Botanical,

I have been using regular hair dyes containing PPD for years and never had a problem, then all of a sudden I had a severe allergic reaction. I had spent several months recovering from this in and out of hospitals, on steroids, antibiotics and IV medications.

As a result from this reaction I have lost most of my beautiful black thick hair due to scar tissue left behind.
After months of my awful ordeal, being a middle aged women I began to see gray hair but knew I could never ever use hair dye again and wasn't sure what to do. I ended up trying every kind of hair dye I could find not containing PPD. Unfortunately, nothing was covering my grays but instead always grabbing a light red tint on my black hair.

Hallelujah! I was just about to give up after trying so many different products on- line and I found your web site containing Lustrous Henna hair color. I only ordered one pack at the time not with high expectations but tried it out and it worked! My grays were covered and my black hair thicker and had a beautiful shine to it.

To all the women and men allergic to hair dye and want a all natural healthy product for your hair - Looking for a solution, Please Trust Me, Lustrous Henna Rocks!
Jayne M.

From Michigan

Sheri Ruston, The Flow Doctor & Lustrous Henna UserThank you Syed for the time you spent with me on the telephone giving me different ideas for my hair color. I learned so much from watching the youtube video you recommended. I added red African tea and paprika to your red henna and I love the way my hair came out!! It’s evident to me that you truly care about your customers. I will definitely recommend your products to my friends and clients.

Sheri Ruston
The Flow Doctor
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I just wanted to tell you how much I LOVE the Lustrous henna. I've been using it for about 2 years now, and I will never go back to the chemical dyes, for many reasons.

Getting my long hair dyed in a salon cost me well over $100. When I tried to be more economical and do it myself, I would still have to buy two bottles of dye, not to mention processing agents, and special conditioners, and then color safe shampoos and conditioners for after. I have used color safe products and non-color safe products with the Lustrous Henna, and there is no difference, it doesn't really fade. And at $6.99 per pack (I only need 1 pack for my hair), the price can't be beat.

Also, even when I went to a salon, my hair would fade to an ugly, mustardy brown after only 2 weeks to a month. With Lustrous Henna, I dye my hair about once every 3 months, and even when it fades, it fades to a very nice, dark shade (I use the black and the mahogany). In fact, the only reason I know it's faded at all is because my grays start showing. Which brings me to another point. My grays are interspersed throughout my hair, and the henna dyes them a lighter shade than the rest of my hair, which just ends up looking like really pretty highlights.
And the fact that it does absolutely NO damage to my hair is the icing on the cake.

I love this stuff, please never stop selling it! I will never go back to chemical dyes ever again.


Sunnyvale, CA

Thank You for your wonderful product. After trying many other natural hair dyes, yours was hands down the BEST. Your henna leaves my hair beautiful, shiny, healthier, and full of gorgeous natural looking highlights.I did notice that it helps immensely to wash with clarifying shampoo before using the henna and then to avoid any conditioner application so that the henna goes straight onto the hair without any barriers. When I used conditioner before the application, the henna washed out quickly. However, when I have nothing on my hair and apply the henna, it lasts for 3-4 weeks looking fabulous.

Thanks again! I will be a customer for life! Thanks so much!

Dawn C.

Lake Elsinore, CA

Thank you for this excellent product. I have been using henna for years, as I have a severe allergy to hair dye. I have never had such good coverage and had the color last for so long. Because the texture of the henna is creamier, it is easier to use and less messy. I get complimented on my hair color frequently.

Thanks again,


Feura Bush, NY

Ron, before Lustrous Henna


This will give you a rough idea of how well it works... I'll stay in touch, thanks.


Ron, after using Lustrous Henna

My name is Gail Goldberg live in Los Angeles Ca. I am an interior designer and have to look my best at all times. Several months ago, I developed an allergy to all salon products. They started to burn my scalp ,even the so-called henna products I tried all had some kind of chemical ingredients. My husband found out about Saba on the Internet and I sent away for your product. Since I started using Saba, there has been no more burning,and the color is rich and naturally beautiful. It is a great and safe product ,and I highly recommend it.

Thank you,

Gail G.

LA, California

The Face and Body mask is hands down my favorite product. Many of you know that I’m a spa brat. You can rub me down with just about anything at a spa-mud, seaweed, chocolate, blueberries- I’ve done it all. This is one of the best facial masks I have ever tried.It mixes with water and apply the paste. I left it on for about an hour and then washed off. You can feel it tightening on your face and your face just lifting. It is the cheapest facelift you will ever get! After I washed it off I noticed an immediate glow and smoothness to my face. My skin seemed to be much more even-shaded and just wonderful. And, since I only used it on my face, I only used needed asmall amount of the package. So... I could get 3-4 facials; that is my idea of home economics!


Marissa O. of The Stew Review, Lustrous Henna user“I was so excited to try out this henna dye! But so nervous at the same time! I have never dyed my hair before and I decided to go with the Lustrous Henna® Mahogany to give my hair a little red touch!

Thanks to my husband's help, it was really easy to do and took about a couple hours to complete the whole process. I loved that I could do it in the comfort and privacy of my own home and watch TV at the same time! It made the time go by really fast!

It was also great to know I got a beautiful color but without all the harmful ingredients! The color came out pretty red at first but it eventually blended in and looked gorgeous! I love my new hair color and I can't wait to buy a different color next time!

I recommend
Saba Botanical Lustrous Henna Hair Color for all men and women who either want to cover grays or just want a new hair color/change like me! The colors are gorgeous, don't dry your hair out, and are safe for everyone to use!” Read more.

Marissa O.

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