Herbal Ingredients

Soapnut (Reetha Fruit), Spindus Mukorossi

Indian name Reetha fruit is also called soapnut, as it contains natural soap. Beside excellent cleansing properties, it is known to keep hair and skin soft. From the ancient days until now in some parts of the world people make liquid soap, by simply grinding and soaking the fruit overnight. The seed of the fruit contains precious oil. The extract is made by grinding the seed and the pulp to use in shampoo.

Amla (Amla Fruit), Phyllanthus Emblica

Amla is the name given to the fruit of a small leafy tree which grows in the Indian Sub-continent . The fruit is edible. This fruit is highly prized for its very high vitamin C content. A precious oil is extracted from its seed and pulp and used as a treatment for hair and scalp problems. The aqua extract by grinding the seed and pulp is used in the shampoo. All water soluble vitamins and some oil is extracted from the fruit, in the process.

Amla is wonderful cleansing agent for both the skin and hair. It imparts luster to hair and protects from dandruff, also helps prevent premature graying. It stimulates growth of hair on the scalp, and strengthens the hair roots. Amla extract in the shampoo does not deposit any color on the hair and can be used by everyone alike. Amla extract helps replace the nourishment lost by hair gels, chemical hair color and hair spray. Another common use of this fruit is in medicines and tonics, since it is extremely rich in vitamin C.

Shikakai (Fruit for Hair), Acacia Concinna

Shikakai (Acacia Concinna) is a small shrub-like tree which is grown in dry plains of Indian-sub continent. For centuries the people who have had access to this tree have used its pod-like fruit to clean their hair. They collect, dry and grind this pod into a powder which is considered a superior cleanser for "lustrous long hair" and has been reported as "promoting hair growth and preventing dandruff". Because of these benefits this pod was named "Shikakai" which translated as, "fruit for hair". The grinded powder or an extract of this pod is used in many hair care preparations, such as hair oils, shampoo and conditioners.

Bhringraj, Eclipta Alba

Botanical name: Eclipta Alba

Common Indian Name: Bhringraj

Part Used: Whole plant

Habitat: Grows abundantly throughout Indian Sub-continent.

Properties and uses: The herb is an Ayurvedic and Yunani medicine. The extract obtained from the plant is used for medicinal purposes, and also known to be very beneficial to the skin and hair, with great conditioning properties.

Fenugreek, Trigonella Foenum-Graecum

Fenugreek is an erect, strongly scented, robust, annual herb, about 30 - 80 cm high. It has compound leaves of light green color, 2 - 2.5 cm long; with yellow flowers and thin pointed pods. The seeds are brownish yellow and have peculiar aroma. It has been used since ancient times both as food and medicine by the people living on the shores of Mediterranean and across Asia. Fenugreek seeds contain essential oil. In the essential oil, 40 different valuable compounds are found. Extract is used in cosmetic preparations. Older days people used to soak fenugreek seeds overnight, in the morning grind them into fine paste and apply them to the scalp for half hour for scalp treatment and removal of dandruff. The hair was then washed with Soapnut solution. The same paste was applied on the face at night before going to bed and then washed with warm water in the morning. This was known to prevent one from getting pimples, dryness and early appearance of wrinkles. It improved complexion and make one look younger.

Aloe Vera Gel

Native to Africa, is also known as lily of the desert, the plant of immortality and medicine plant. Its medicinal and healing properties have been known to man for over 4000 years, being used by Greeks, Egyptians and Chinese as back as 333 B.C. Cleopatra purified her skin with it, and Alexander the Great used it to heal his soldiers wounds.

Jojoba Oil

Crushed from the seed of a shrub (Simmondsia Chinesis) from the sonoran Desert of Southern California. Its Spanish name pronounces the "J" as "H" in English "HO-Ho-Ba". USA university studies in twenties and thirties confirmed the fact that the valuable Sperm Whale oil and jojoba oil had identical characteristics and structure, with notable exception of fishy odor. Jojoba became a complete replacement for whale oil in industry and cosmetics. Jojoba oil is odorless and absorbs deep into the skin, resulting in a smooth satin appearance.

Guar Gum

Guar is an annual summer legume grown in Pakistan & India. It is grown in arid un irrigated areas as a crop depends on only one or two rainfalls. Guar hydroxypropyltrimonium chloride, a natural water soluble quatemary derivative of natural guar gum, imparts conditioning properties to shampoos and after shampoo hair care products.

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