Never use synthetic dyes when coloring your hair!

Glowing hair reflects a person's state of health, as well as creates that beautiful look that we all want to keep forever!

If you are thinking about coloring your hair, it's worth exploring natural options to bring out highlights, to add a little shading or to cover gray. Using a natural product, such as Color by Nature Lustrous Henna® is very safe and beneficial to your hair than a conventional hair dye that may completely damage your hair and scalp with prolong use.

"Conventional dyes contain high level of toxic chemicals that can be absorbed through the scalp, where there is a rich blood supply. Then these chemicals circulate throughout your body, where they can be stored in the tissues and cause adverse health effects," says Marianne Marchese, ND, who practices natural medicine at a Woman's Time Clinic in Portland, Oregon.

A recent study conducted at Yale University found a link between permanent hair dye and Non-Hodgkin's lymphoma. One study for example, suggested that woman over the age of 50 who have used permanent hair dyes for ten or more years have an increased risk of breast cancer. Yet another discovered that users of permanent hair dyes are 2:1 times more likely to have bladder cancer. Other studies have linked the use of hair dyes to allergies and skin disorders like eczema and to far more serious diseases like leukemia and ovarian cancer.

Such study results should not be surprising when one considers the number of toxic ingredients used by both salon and consumer hair coloring formulas. In one analysis of popular brands and formulations, Consumer Reports found nearly 20 different ingredients that were classified as potential human carcinogens. The suspects included such heavy oncological hitters as coal tar derivatives, para-phenylenediamine (PPD), (which can also cause blindness), bezenediamine dihydrochloride, and aminonline dihydrochloride. Other hazardous ingredients include, ammonia, peroxide and lead, a heavy metal commonly found in products that gradually color hair over time with many repeated applications.

Fortunately, a nontoxic alternative to synthetic hair colorants does exist, in addition to the many ready-made formulas:

Color by Nature Lustrous Henna® 100% natural hair color is an innovation in hair coloring.

Color by Nature Lustrous Henna® is available in many different shades.

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