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About Saba Botanical of USA

My Story, My Hair and My Advice

Once I wrote the following paragraph. The more I learn about plants, the more I believe this truth:

"Although we all have to live through some ailments and other health problems from time to time, nature has created a remedy for every health problem in plants; whether it is fresh produce, dried herbs, essential oils or extracts. The key to beautiful health is using pure botanical ingredients derived from nature. The concept of natural beauty incorporates a philosophy based on the mystery of the therapeutic values and vital energy of plants.”


My black hair started to turn gray in my twenties. I felt that I was still too young to show gray and started using commercially available chemical dyes to hide my gray. After a while my scalp started to itch and my skin turned red where the dye was applied. As the time went by, it started to get worse with each dye application. Even the mildest of the dye I could find on the shelf caused a reaction to my scalp. My hair started to thin and bald spots started to develop, my thick hair was gone. I was struggling to hide my gray.

Someone told me that there is a "natural" product called Kali Mendhi (commonly called:  “Black Henna”). Hoping this would solve my problem, I bought a pack and applied it to my hair (not knowing this would turn into my worst nightmare). The very next day, blisters started appearing all over my scalp and side burns, my face swelled up and my eyes were almost shut. I was in agony and had to be rushed to the hospital for emergency treatment. This was a frightening experience. Later on, I find out that Kali Mendhi (commonly called:  “Black Henna”) contained Paraphenylene-diamene (PPD), which caused this reaction.

While going from shelf to shelf of hair coloring products from one store to another, I could not find a product that was free of Ammonia, Peroxide and PPD or similar chemicals. Health food stores did carry some henna based coloring products but their results were so marginal, they were not worth the time and money.

I resorted to pure henna, which I feel is the greatest herb that exists on Planet Earth. The use of henna revived my hair and scalp. My hair started to look healthy again. The only problem with pure henna was: my gray hair turned reddish/orange, which was sort of scary. I started to get used to it, but always wished my hair was black (again).

I knew that there were millions of people out there that truly need a natural hypoallergenic hair dye.

One day, I met with an executive of AMA Herbal Labs with my idea for a totally all natural henna-based hair color dye that could be packaged and produced in a variety of natural shades. He said, "We would be happy to take this project," (not realizing how intricate this project would be). Within a year they produced a product which I named Lustrous Henna®. However, this initial product was no different than the weak products already selling in the health food stores.

Three years went by without any encouraging news. Then the second version of the product came out. The results still were not very encouraging. I was about to give up, when it finally “clicked” and they were really able to greatly improve on this product. Thus, I call this, the third generation of Lustrous Henna® that you can purchase from us now.

Lustrous Henna® is definitely worth bragging about: it does not contain PPD, Ammonia, Peroxide or toxic chemicals. It is a 100% natural hair dye. Nature still has the answer to all our needs, as we discovered and we benefit from it.

Lustrous Henna should be used by everyone who needs to dye their hair. It is safe and healthy.

Syed Abbas

 Saba Botanical of USA

Chicago, Illinois


Our goal is twofold:

  1. To educate people to avoid products containing harmful and toxic chemical ingredients.
  2. To bring you the products formulated with highly effective, natural and organic ingredients for your body.
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